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Marty and Rachel are Irish National Champs for 2015

RS 200 Nationals
The larger dinghies were to be posted out beyond Roches’ Point on the open seas for the event. We had wind, sun and nice waves as we emerged from Cork harbour on Friday. While losing a few competitors to the Laser nationals, we also had an injection of youth in the fleet to fill the gaps as some of the stalwarts retire to steadier and less energetic crafts.
The Race Committee chose the windward leeward course with a beat of almost 1 mile and leeward gate. The early pace setters were Marty O’Leary and Rachel Williamson from the George, starting at the committee boat, going right hoping to catch some of the ebbing tide from the harbour. Frank O’Rourke, Greystones, sailing with Maeve Judge, HYC, started down the line and went left up the first beat. As the fleet spread out across the beat, by the weather mark it was clear the two lead boats were just 3 or 4 boat lengths apart with Marty having the edge. This was to be an even race course unaffected by tides and with wind steady across the course for the day. The race committee, wisely chose to shorten the course and run a fifth race to end the day in anticipation of light airs for the remainder of the weekend. While Marty/Rachel and Frank/Maeve dominated the day, there was much inconsistency further down the fleet with some fairly appalling infringements, unnecessary capsizes and turns along the way. Clive Coffey and Helen Cassidy from Newcastle consistently posting 4th and 5ths. However, Chloe Eggers and Paddy Lee from the George, new to the fleet, were making their presence felt with a second in race 2 and consistent sailing from Greystones’ Aaron Jones/Conor Clery lay 3rd after five races overnight. We retired ashore for R&R, some battered and bruised having completed half the scheduled 10 races and already enough under our buoyancy aids to form a series but a very light forecast looming for Saturday and Sunday.
Day two dawned with a breeze and the 200 boats were launched in anticipation of some calmer conditions than Friday. However, as we opened into the sea, the wind evaporated only to reappear hesitantly some hours later when Race Officer Jack Roy and Ciarán McSweeney managed to extract two races from the glassy waters for the 200 and 400 fleets. Race one was led by Clive Coffey and Helen Cassidy who unfortunately, after a night spent climbing a mountain, chose the outer loop losing out yet again to Marty and Rachel who proved they could manage the light stuff just as well. There was an ongoing steady performance from Frank and Maeve with Stephen Craig/Sarah Cooney showing more consistent sailing and Chloe and Paddy in close pursuit, Greystones Aaron/Conor dropped back in the fleet as their combined crew weight took its toll in the light conditions. Once towed ashore by the ever attentive and efficient safety crews, it was clear that Sunday’s forecast had improved and a SI change would have the RS200/400 fleet racing off Curlane Bank. As Saturday evening progressed, much Campervan envy was felt throughout the camping fraternity as the rain settled in for the night with some tents flooded.
On Sunday, with light breeze and flat waters, we set off for the new race area knowing that the 400s, with no space for a trapezoid, could affect the results. The 200s had just 3 races left to complete the series and with shifty light airs across the race area, the Hinksons took a comfortable 2nd in Race 1 of the day having stuck close to Marty and Rachel, who were not relinquishing their lead and Stephen and Sarah coming in 3rd. Lighter crews, risky port starts, tacking in the shifts and avoiding the 400 fleet at the gate in the last two races of the event paid off, Stephen Craig and Frank each taking 1st place in the last two races.
Marty and Rachel were crowned RS200 National Champions, Frank O’Rourke and Maeve Judge 2nd with Stephen Craig and Sarah Cooney Junior National Champions coming in third overall. Chloe Eggers deservedly took first lady helm at her maiden RS200 event. Marty and Rachel also won Boat of the Week prize with their performance.


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