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How to join
Please note that, by taking out this International Class Association membership, you will have reciprocal membership to the RS100 RS300 RS400 RS600 RS700 RS800 RS Vareo International and International RS500 Class Associations

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Membership benefits

We are a highly active Class Association, run by sailors for sailors - with fantastic professional support to make our lives easier. And we're a passionate bunch who love racing our RSs. You'll find a list of Contacts on this site and you're welcome to contact us for more information about the boat, events or any other aspect of RS sailing.

This Association is responsible for major event planning, maintenance of Class Rules, Class communications (including this website) and all other aspects that allow every owner and crew member to enjoy their boat. It is, therefore, crucial that all sailors around the world support their International Class Association by joining.

In more detail, the Class Association's activity includes all this:
  1. Maintaining and developing the class - for the best boats for the sailors
    1. Liaising with the builders
    2. Maintaining the class rules, dealing with ISAF, etc.
  2. Events - developing the best events for us all to go to
    1. Organising International events and championships
    2. Dealing with all aspects of sponsorship
    3. Supporting coaching events. Coaching coaches
    4. Promoting growth outside UK to make racing at national and and international events better for everyone.
  3. Communication - so that we all know what's going on
    1. Producing and maintaining the International websites
    2. Producing International news
    3. Maintaining a database of sailors all over the world so we can keep in touch
    4. Boats for sale website. Free advertising for all members
    1. Professional administration to help everyone
    2. Collecting subscriptions
    3. Doing all that stuff that volunteers don't have time to deal with!
While sailing is the key point of any race or regatta, our RS crowd do seem to have developed quite a sociable reputation. You can be sure of a great time ashore - whether or not you’ve not come back with the chocolates on the water!

We look forward to welcoming you into our Class Association

Association Contacts

Marty O'Leary
RS200 Class Representative
Dave Cheyne
McCready Sailboats
Irish RS Class Dealer and parts supplier
David Rose
IRSA IT and Publicity Officer
Elaine Malcolm
RS Feva class coordinator
Emmet Ryan
RS400 Class Representative
Alex Barry
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